Born in 1963 in Sint Amands aan de Schelde, a very small pittoresque village near to the Schelde. I have been fascinated by art very early.  There was the poetist Emile Verhaeren who lived in the same small village but also the painter Romain De Saegher who I visited regularly as a child. I was impressed by the way he was painting even when ill at the end of his days.

But I also liked painting myself when I went to college. I chose Roman Philogy at the university as I was admiring the French, Italian culture and language.

After studies, I travelled a lot and everywhere I came I took the time whenever possible to visit museums of contemporary art especially in Chicago, New York, Paris, Moskou and later also Bejing.

I started to paint also myself at the age of 30 and produced several paintings in that period. Sometimes even together with Thomas my oldest son. I started in the same period also to import wines and visited wineries all over the world from Argentina, to Hungry, Spain, South Africa and Australia.

Over the last 10 years, I was very occupied but the idea to open a gallery matured and before the age of 50, this dream became reality. In 2012, I started a gallery right in the heart of Brussels where I finally can realize my final life goal. It is sharing extraordinary creations,  experiences around art, wine and design. For me this is the most ultimate stage of human beings. Enjoying and let work your own imagination. Going beyond the usual, pushing limits away, breaking barriers in human thinking and feeling.


I reflected long time around the concept of my gallery. Ideas maturerd over the time. It should combine art, wine and design in one place which is quiet unique. Art, wine and design have something in common although as they appeal to all the 5 senses of human beings e.g. touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing.   Also every piece in the gallery aims to have a unique story to tell. This is for me very important. They are not just objects in the open space of the gallery but they are there to stimulate our imagination and thoughts. The purpose is enrich the life experience of our visitors and ultimately to make people more happy and enjoy the beauty of life.

Therefore brands like Aventures des Toiles, Histoires d’Alice, Tintin, Habanos etc match pretty well with our goal of being a place to inspire your imagination and go beyond the ordinary. We invite you make this extraordinary journey together with us.