Alix Philippe-Roses in the Shadow



Representing a significant development within her practice, Philippe’s previous process of dedicating herself to the creation of a narrative in her paintings where the depicted environment had as much importance as the characters, has been expanded upon by the simplification of her compositions – with the characters playing the key part in her work in a practically inexistent background– as well as a use of paint presenting new textures completely detached from the almost photorealistic style the artist showed in the past.

Although, at a passing glance, her new works appear to have taken a new direction, they still hold a direct continuity to those which came before. In both, Philippe’s initial inspiration comes from places and characters found in here daily life. Her paintings depict isolated people often represented from the back, creating both a mystery and a sensation of proximity with the viewer. As within a storyboard, Philippe creates moments in between, telling us stories without a beginning or an end.

After a few years living in and witnessing the hustle and bustle of London, Philippe had the desire of creating an autobiographic work and questioning the notion of anonymity and uprooting she observed in the city.


In Roses in the shadow, by including and focusing on the intimacy of the characters, Philippe does not only immortalise moments of the daily life but more so the people.

Albeit the recognisable image depicted in the painting is an element to experiment with, Philippe creates a new reality and gives a new life to her characters through the painting process. Her work gives another dimension to the banality and platitude of the daily routine.

Exhibition  ‘Roses in the shadow’

from April 19 to July 15, 2018

at Gallery Jos Joos

200 Rue Belliard

1000 Brussels

contact +32 475 591837