Uncalculated risks, exotic encounters and nightmares
abroad are the theme of the exposition.
His practice is
a constant going back and forth between the present
and the memory of the past,
reimagining old adventures
while thinking of new destinations. Travelling but not
necessary in the physical sense. A trip to Kathmandu
might be mixing up with a day at the Belgian coast and a
Brazilian island could be mistaken for a Berlin club. 

Although usually working with a range of “touchable”
materials (fruits, animals, sponges), for this exposition
the artist wanted to use a selection of pictures and
drawings based on travels he made in the past (some
of these travels he made with Jos and his son). These
are not your average travel snapshots of course.
By scanning images and objects and building up a
composition within a constricted area (the scanner),
a narrative is created which refers to stories and
impressions that stayed with him.

Exhibition  ‘Blind Man Crossing’

from September 13 to November 3, 2018

at Gallery Jos Joos

200 Rue Belliard

1000 Brussels


contact +32 475 591837