Christophe Demaître - Exhibition ‘Scene of the seen and be seen’




Born in Kortrijk, Belgium, Christophe Demaître started studying arts in Kortrijk and Gent. He continued his education into photographic research during his travels and exhibitions which took him to Asia and thoughout Europe. Starting with 1997, he spent six years in Italy where he developed various academic techniques in painting. In 2006 he was invited by Island 6 Art Center in Shanghai for an artist residency programme during which he started implementing electronic elements into his work.  Seduced by this overwhelming megalopolis, he moved to Shanghai, where he had his own studio in M50, one of the most well-known international art centers in China. SInce July 2016, he returned to Belgium again.



The mixed media art of Christophe Demaître places itself on the fragile boundary between painting, photography, and even sculpture. His works are imbedded with the dual perspective of the “painter-photographer”. He achieves this by superimposing photographic silver emulsions on an array of materials reminiscent of the “Arte Povera” movement, ranging from the classic canvas to fabric, wood or metal. The artist’s style reflects on the alternation between the patience of the photographic research in obtaining the best visual result, and the impulsive creativity with which the painter completes the work of art. The result is a poetical yet alienating essay of Demaître’s favorite source of inspiration – the urban environment.


The exhibition

In the exhibition ‘Scene of the seen and be seen’, the artist depicts scenes of our daily life.

In our daily life, we are seen or we see life though various things. The NOW is often determined by social media but also by directly looking at persons around us, observing them and being observed while being lonely, anomynous of famous.

In his work, the artist depicts a portay of the persons that are photographed, and in a creative process that translates in visual voyeurism representing poetical images.


Christophe Demaître - Exhibition ‘Scene of the seen and be seen’

from January 18 to March 30, 2018

at Gallery Jos Joos, 200 Rue Belliard, 1000 Brussels
contact +32 475 591837